I try to make my manager’s life easy.  I make sure to get things done and be proactive about it.  But…I find myself wondering what kind of manager I would be.  Reason being…I’m planning a wedding.  Yes, it’s true, I got engaged a couple of months ago.

I think that overall I would be a very reasonable manager.  As long as things get done, you should be able to go on as you do and do your job without too much meddling from your boss.  However, as we make our way through this whirlwind called “wedding planning” I wonder about those that don’t deliver when they say they will and how I would manage through that.

Our wedding planner, read: woman who manages events at our venue, is a wonderful woman…when you speak with her.  Once the phone is hung up, all the promised deadlines go out the window.  We have yet to hear something we hate or haven’t been able to work through but there is a lot of checking in on my part and a lot of hand holding.  Maybe it’s my analytical mind.  I simply want results and itemized spreadsheets.  Instead, we’re getting bits of information after numerous  requests.

So I ask, how do YOU deal with those that require a lot of hand holding?

What did you do today?

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