PR in the World of the Fast and Furious

Last week I finally got around to checking in to LinkedIn Today and seeing what new articles I could browse through.  As per usual, I ended up with 6 new browser windows all full of interesting information…one referenced the great toilet paper debate, over or under?  I believe the winner was keeping the toilet paper flap over the roll.

Anyway, one article I found particularly interesting was how PR has changed these days.  Beth Monaghan, the author of 6 ways PR has changed for the better, looks back to the days of manually faxing and FedExing into the wee hours of the night in order to get a new “hot off the presses” press release out the door.

These days, with the help of sites such as prweb, PR managers have the ability to do a huge blast within seconds.  Gone are the days of relying on FedEx to pick up your latest release, in the world of the fast and furious we want our news NOW!

Read Beth’s article to find out more about how the PR world has been rattled, I promise that you’ll learn something!  The part I enjoyed most was about PR driving SEO and how nowadays it’s much easier to measure results of the e-mail or fax blast than it was in the old days.

What did you do today?

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