Dressing for the Warmer Months

Boston.com had a great article this week titled,  Warmer temperatures bring dress code challenges.  This is true.

I’m thrilled about being able to wear dresses and skirts but often times find myself wanting to wear flip flops rather than wedges or sandals.  So, I opted for flip flops earlier this week and as I walked through the hallway I instantly regretted the decission.  Not surprisingly, they flipped and flopped rather loudly.  Luckily I was wearing a rather long summer dress which I could shimmy down to hide my flippie floppies, but none the less I felt underdressed for a warm day at the office.

So what does Pattie Hunt Sinacole suggest?Well, she turned to her soon to be seventh grade daughter who informed her about the Six B’s at school, “What are the Six Bs? The Six Bs is an abbreviation for saying no to the following: bellies, butts, breasts, bras, boxers and backs.”  Straight and to the point.  I would say that by now everyone should know how to dress at work, there are of course exceptions so if you’re unclear about the guidelines, talk to your HR manager or to your boss and enjoy the summer!

What did you do today?


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