Twitter is NOT a Strategy

Just as I wrote about social media being a part of a bigger whole, i.e. marketing, Twitter is also not a strategy.  What I mean is that you can’t simply say that Twitter, or any other social media platform, is what is going to increase your sales or leads.  There has to be a bigger strategy.  Twitter might simply allow you to get to your end goal.  So what is the strategy?  Usually, this is what needs to happen first.

1. Identify what’s lacking in your current marketing strategy. Is it overall exposure? Do you not really know who your online audience is?  Do you even have an online audience?  More importantly, are consumers talking about your brand and you simply have no way of conversing with them online?

2. Figure out who is going to be responsible for implementing and monitoring this new platform and who is going to create the content?  Content is key.  I have said and thought this a hundred times, there is NO reason for a company to implement a new marketing initiative without ensuring that it will be monitored and maintained.  If a customer comes across your blog, Twitter feed or Facebook page and sees that the last time you posted something was months ago or that the people on the page post questions and comments and a company spokesperson doesn’t respond to anyone, what’s the point?  I would feel like the company doesn’t care enough to share new news and to boot, if I have a comment, question or complaint nobody really cares enough to respond back to me.

So get those two things in order first and then figure out what platform makes the most sense to YOUR company, and don’t look to your competition to see what they are doing because they might be having different issues that they’re trying to resolve through Facebook, Twitter or a blog.

What did you do today?

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