The Summer Lull? Maybe not!

Who knew that perhaps, there really isn’t a summer slow down.  According to an article in the Boston Globe there are some good reasons to keep your head high and keep applying during the summer.  Here are my top three take away’s from Patty Coffey’s article:

1. During the “slowdown” companies actually have more time to review and interview potential candidates than during a busy season.
2. Due to many people, and myself, thinking that there is a summer slow down you may actually have better odds at landing a job since other searchers may slow down their searches.
3. Networking opportunities increase due to various parties and barbecues that friends may host.

What did you do today?
Get more tips by reading the full article: Why the summer is hot for job seekers.


One thought on “The Summer Lull? Maybe not!

  1. Good points. Another reason is that many of the statistics indicate that the economy is beginning to heat up like the summer. There are still employers out there looking to hire. Consulting, energy and finance industries are ramping up their employment planning. Now is still a good time to be looking.

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