The Upside of Unemployment?

I read an article in the Boston Magazine part of the Sunday Globe that really revved me up.  It was titled, The Upside of Unemployment.  This woman describes how due to being unemployed she has had the ability to get her life back, has time to do chores and do things such as getting the oil in her car changed on time.  She looks for work however, she also has time to throw small get togethers with friends.  Did I mention that she quit her job on her own accord and has been baffled by the fact that someone didn’t snatch her up for another job right away?

Now, as I recall my time while unemployed…towards the end, I knew that my benefits would run out soon so I would try not to buy as much food, I didn’t have health insurance for two months because I didn’t have the 300+ dollars a month to pay for it, and although I had time to get my car maintained I would try my hardest to drive as little as possible so I WOULDN’T have to spend the money on an oil change.  I would feel bad about going out during the day because my number one priority was to find a job, any job.  I didn’t go to the beach, I didn’t go skiing and I certainly wasn’t throwing parties if I didn’t have to.

I’m glad that some people have the means to enjoy being unemployed but I most certainly did not.  What are your thoughts on this article?

What did you do today?


One thought on “The Upside of Unemployment?

  1. If you work not because you need money to live, unemployment is fun, but most people need money for fun, so I hardly can imagine how much fun you can have if you pay moee than $1000 for place to live and the rest goes for food and ect.
    some articles are written by people who do not live real life.

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