Managing Your Meeting Schedule via Various Platforms

Earlier this month I wrote about managing your time.  Well, I came across a fantastic article that shares a great new tool to manage your meeting times.  As Leo Widrich writes, “There is nothing more painful than sending multiple emails back and forth to set up a meeting or skype call. Enter Tungle to take away all the work from you. You simply set up your personal calendar and send it out via your personal page. This means others can easily find the free spots in your calendar and set themselves up.”

How awesome is that?  Signing up is free and the Tungle synchs to your existing calendar.  You can even sign in with facebook, Google or Twitter if you don’t want to create a new user profile.  Your Tungle calendar will synch with your work or personal calendar which may reside on Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal/Entourage, Lotus Notes, Lotus Live, Windows Live or Yahoo!.

I have  yet to try this but I can see how easy this would make everyone’s lives.  not everyone is on the same service, such as Outlook so Tungle would make it a hell of a lot easier to see other people’s schedules.

What did you do today?

P.S. Read more from Leo’s article titled 5 Productivity Tools for the Busy Social Media Manager.


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