Jibe.Com – Scouring your Network for a Company Connection

On my way to New York City this weekend I was reading Glamour magazine.  I came across an article that had some random tips listed along the right hand side.  The one I knew I had to share with you revolved around a site that aggregates all of the companies your friends work for into one place.   Yes, that means that whenever your friends list their company name on such sites as Facebook and LinkedIn you can see in one place all of the companies that you have a connection in.  This site is called jibe.com!

The “about jibe” section states the following: “When it comes to getting a job, what matters is who you know. JIBE connects you to people you already know at companies you want to work for and increases your chances of landing a great job.”  You can either sign in with Facebook or LinkedIn and get started.

Try it out and let me know how you like and use this new site!

What did you do today?


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