Don’t Ask the Interviewer the Following Questions

To follow up on the interview questions topic I wanted to share with you some questions that Alesia Benedict of advises interviewees NOT to ask.

Here goes, the 7 questions NOT to ask in a job interview, according to Alesia:

1. Don’t ask about salary: This question shifts the focus to what you want for yourself as opposed to the value you will provide to the company.

2. (Interesting, I’ve never heard this take on the question) Don’t ask about the timeframe for hiring decisions: Every candidate wants to know the answer to this question but asking it can make you seem desperate or anxious for results. Most companies look for candidates able to separate personal from professional demands.

3. Don’t ask what the company does: Conducting research on corporate initiatives is easily accomplished online. Do your homework to impress hiring managers.

4. Don’t ask about typical promotion policies: Rushing ahead to promotions may make the interviewer question your judgment and understanding of appropriate business interactions.

5. Don’t ask about on-the-job training for basic skills: Emphasize the skills you bring, not the deficits about which you are concerned.

6. Don’t speak ill of former employers: Talking about how much you hated your former workplace or employer is a top interview “don’t!”

7. Don’t forget basic manners: Offer a handshake to “seal the deal” when you leave. Thank the interviewer for their time and express your pleasure in meeting him or her.

I hope these helped!  On Friday I’ll share Alesia’s advice on questions you should ask during an interview.

What did you do today?


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