Tough Interview Questions

I wanted to explore some other people’s advice and share it with you.  Today I am relying on Hcareers to help with the following, and often difficult, interview questions.

1) What are your strengths / weaknesses?

“The first question above is a bit of a tricky one and the interviewer is looking for an answer that relates to your work habits. Identifying your strengths can be even more difficult than identifying your weaknesses because they are tasks that you perform with such ease that you don’t recognize them as strengths.To identify your strengths, think about what others have complimented you on and refer back to previous performance appraisals that you have received. As for weaknesses, most people are very good at beating themselves up and so can identify plenty of weaknesses – think about your negative self-talk. The best advice that I’ve ever heard on answering the question about your weaknesses is to be honest about them but counter your statement of your weakness by turning it into a positive statement about you. ”

2) Why are you leaving your current position?

“The second question is meant to uncover whether or not you are a negative or difficult person to manage. If you are unhappy in your current role – resist the temptation to go on about your gripes regarding your current employer…You should answer that you are seeking a new challenge with a growing company that can benefit from your expertise. Elaborate on the challenge you are seeking as well as what you are bringing to the table in terms of your skills and experience.”

3) What are your salary expectations?

“The best way to answer this question is to say that your primary interest is in finding a challenging position that meets your career goals with the right company and then provide a salary range. If you are unsure of what the range could be for the type of role you are interviewing for, then check out various salary survey results before you go to the interview.”

Good luck!  What did you to today?


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