Is Your Brand Engaging Your Customers?

Now that I’ve talked about what works for B2B, it’s important to cover the B2C landscape as well…although quite honestly these tips can also be implemented in a B2B scenario as well.

A recent Wall Street Journal article written by Geoffrey Fowler titled, Best Practices for Engaging With Consumers Through Social Media, talks about covering some basic steps to engagement.

Engagement means something different to every company.  To one it might mean getting the most followers, to another the most ReTweets while to a third it might mean that a certain number of people show up to a free event or webinar.

I’d like to take Geoffrey’s 5 rules/steps to success and add my own thoughts to each.

The 5 steps are:

1. Listen and measure– If you do nothing else, you have to implement social media and LISTEN to your customers.  This will allow you to be ahead in the case of a marketing emergency and also let you in on what your consumers talk about and like.  Take a look at your numbers and see how people are interacting with your site…meaning, MEASURE.

2. Do market research through Facebook Ads–  There is a lot you can learn about your audience through social media and especially Facebook Insights, which your company can have access to once it has at least 32 followers.  You find out demographic information, who interacts with your postings, how and how often your postings get shared, etc.  Once you have gathered this information you can create pointed ads for your audience.  Once launched, Facebook Ads will supply you with the following information:

  • Ad performances metrics
  • Demographic metrics: information like age, gender and location of the people who are clicking on your ad (view our privacy policy)
  • Social metrics: metrics that show when your ad is viewed by someone who is friends with a fan of your Page, Event, or Application.

3. The Boss should Tweet– There are many people who say that people listen to the CEO more than they may listen to what the branding folk say.  I think the notion is that whatever a CEO says is regarded as the final word.  Basically, I think that having a CEO share information about the goings on of a company and what goes on in a certain market gives credibility to a brand and its messaging.

4. Empower all your employees to participate– Having others in the company tweet, post or contribute to a blog gives a brand a personal feel.  It’s not just a PR agency or one marketing person’s look at the world but numerous people’s opinions.  You can look at it another way, there’s no “I” in Team.  And social media is one GIANT team which thrives on the community aspect.

5. Monitor for compliance– And, number 5 goes hand in hand with number 4.  If others in the organization are encouraged to participate in social media then there need to be rules.  The basics?  No bashing of the brand and no bad mouthing the competition.  Also, no sharing of trade and insider secrets.  Got it? 🙂

What did you do today?

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