B2B Companies Prefer LinkedIn

Melissa Miller of Hubspot recently published an article titled, LinkedIn is More Effective for B2B Companies, where she shared a graph from one of Hubspot’s recent studies and explained why one social media platform worked better than another for a  B2B scenario.

It’s often hard for companies, and other agencies, to understand how to approach social media from a B2B perspective. Everyone knows that sharing coupons and promotions directly with your customers, i.e. followers, is an easy and almost free kind of advertising for a company.  But for a company that does not have direct customers things get a little tough.  From my perspective a B2B company should start with LinkedIn.  Twitter and Facebook are important monitoring tools but in terms of getting a message out and connecting with professional individuals, LinkedIn is spot on, followed by a blog.

For a B2B company, it’s important to remember that creating a good message and consistent and worthwhile content is the name of the game.  You also have to monitor what your competition is doing and keep an eye on any bad press, and that’s where Twitter and Facebook come in, also very important.

However, LinkedIn allows for that personal connection and gives you the ability to build yourself up as a credible source.  Whether it’ a member of the sales force contacting a new connection or the company creating thought leadership groups and a consistent message through out its profile, everything about being on LinkedIn screams professional and business.  For B2B companies, you have to have a good relationship before you can really reap the benefits and learning how to use LinkedIn is the first step for anyone who is interested in succeeding.

LinkedIn isn’t meant for companies who want to lure in customers through flashy and pointed ads, it’s meant for companies who want to build a relationship that is centered around business.

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