Career Advice 101-LinkedIn Groups.

I recently created a spin off of this blog on LinkedIn by creating a LinkedIn group titled, you guessed it, Career Advice 101.  I wanted to create an open space for people to ask questions and seek advice from knowledgeable individuals.  Just like my Twitter account, I wanted to keep this group private.  I wanted to make sure that we didn’t just have random followers but people who are actually interested in hearing and sharing career related advice.

I also wanted to create a group so I know, from a marketing perspective, what LinkedIn groups can offer a company.  As you know, I’m always ready to learn something new and creating this group allows me to do that.  I am always open to advice about how to make this group successful.

So here is what I have learned so far…

Lesson 1: You can create a private or public group.  This depends on how you want to spread your message and to whom.

Lesson 2: I would advise that a logo be associated with the group.  I just feel like a logo adds that seal of approval for a group.

Lesson 3: You can send mini ads, a.k.a. announcements, to everyone who is following your group.  This announcement can be about a new discussion or a new event that may be of interest to the group members.

Lesson 4: You can add a news feed!  How cool is that?  Whatever your group focus is, you can have a real live stream of news on your page relating to that topic.

Lesson 5: Last and certainly not least, make sure that you have a good group description, especially if your group is private.  People need to know what you’re about and this is your moment to shine.

How are you using LinkedIn groups?

What did you do today?


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