When Does Your Boss Know Too Much About You?

Back in my interviewing days I went to a company that helps companies assess their employees and candidates.  At first I thought it was pretty neat.  But when I was told about the results of my assessment and the results were on par with who I am I began to feel a little uneasy.  Not because I had a trait I wouldn’t want someone to know about I just felt uncomfortable with the fact that people I had met for the first time knew as much about me as my long time friends.

What I also felt unsure about was the fact that managers in this particular company obviously knew EVERYTHING about their employees, in terms of behavior, and would use different tactics in different meetings in order to get the most out of certain employees.  It may be an effective tactic but when is too much too much?  I don’t know if I’d feel OK with a manager thinking they’ll know exactly how I might react to a certain situation.  How do they know for certain that I may not react differently.  And will I be penalized for not fitting a certain point on a chart?

What do you think?  Can knowing your employees behavior almost down to a t a good or bad thing?

What did you do today?

In other news, I have created my Career Advice 101 group on LinkedIn.  If this link didn’t work, just search for “Career Advice 101” in the groups section.  I hope you’ll join!

2 thoughts on “When Does Your Boss Know Too Much About You?

  1. I’m sure that profiling like this can assist at times in how to deal with certain employees, but it’s not fool-proof. Not everyone is 100% consistent in their behavior. Depending on one’s state of mind, they may react emotionally to something one day and display restraint the next. It often depends on what is going on in their life at the time or even how much sleep they had the night before.
    It may help at times as long as managers don’t see it as an absolute recipe for management.
    Lew Sauder, Author, Consulting 101: 101 Tips For Success in Consulting (www.Consulting101Book.com)

  2. read Shakespeare, there is part about flute, Hamlet is asking one of the persons to play, and when he said he does not know how, answers: Do you think I am less complicated ,than this piece of wood?
    I believe that is for sure, we are not so simple 🙂 and one else, never underestimate you “enemy” .

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