Social Media 101-Part 1

Yesterday I attended a great seminar led by Holly Lett.  The seminar was one of many presented by Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center and the great perk we got at the end was a certificate stating that we had completed .6 CEUs/6 contact hours of Continuing Education.  Having said that, I encourage everyone to look into the courses and seminars offered by Rockhurst University.

Today I wanted to share my notes with you.  First and foremost, I apologize about the randomness of the notes but these were the main points I thought I wanted to jot down.

Although I feel like I know a good amount about social media I always learn something new, because social media is always evolving.  Here are my notes, I hope you find them helpful and thought provoking, because as I’ve said before, you can always learn something new from something old.

1. In order to succeed in social media you must be able to tell a story. This will build relationships.  Ex: non-profit organizations are very good at telling stories.  Do you want to save a pet after seeing the commercials with Sarah McLachlan?
2. You must ask yourself, “What do our customers want to know about us?” You should also ask, “where are we with our customers?”  Do you need to resolve a problem through your social media?  Do you need to promote a new discount?
3. Just because social media is low cost it does not mean it is low thought.
4. What helps people, helps business.
5. Marketing is communication with the expectation of response.
6. Don’t worry about looking bad, everyone makes mistakes. Worry about how you will look when the problem is fixed.
7. LinkedIn gives you a warm path to decision makers.
8. When blogging, use “online magazine” format.
9. Functionality, content and design: the 3 critical functions of a site.
10. Outbound marketing: the company has control.  Inbound marketing: the customer has control.

Top 3 social media mistakes:
1. Failure to establish a social media policy.
Who will be the public face of the company?
Who can blog/tweet/chat on behalf of the company?
Who will respond to questions regarding policy?
2. Failure to define “social media.”
3. Failure to adequately train on etiquette.

What did you do today?
Friday I’ll share some real social media take aways from the seminar that you can implement right away.


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