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The second event I attended through the AMA was essentially a Google Analytics crash course.  I loved this event.  A) It was free B) It was incredibly informative…did I mention that we also got fed?

For those who did not attend here is everything I learned about Google Analytics that I didn’t already know:

1. Apparently you can view whatever metrics you’d like, not just number of visits and the pie charts that are the default.

2. “Pageviews” stands for how many pages in your site are people looking at, not how many times they’ve viewed a page

3. Pages/visit should be a high number, whatever that might mean to every company.

4. Bounce rate: the goal is to be under 60%.  A bounce is considered when someone comes to one page and one page only before leaving.

5. Map overlay, very cool, you can actually zoom in, down to the city, to see where your visitors come from.

6. Benchmarking…You can see how your company compares to other companies in the industry.  If you opt in, your personal information will be anonimized.

7. You can schedule certain reports to be emailed to you on a regular basis.

8. By going to Advanced segments, in top right corner of screen, you can get custom reports

9. You can see how long people stay on our site by going to “Visitor, Visitor Loyalty, Length of visit.”

10. Content:  Top content=the most visited pages of a site.  To find weak pages: Go to, site comparison, bounce rate: it  gives you the highest bounced pages

11. You can choose what Google Analytics sites as your home page.  It can either be “/.” Or “/home”.  Change this in the settings area by clicking a box.

12. Goals:  “Cross domain tracking” will allow for cross domain jumping.

I hope you all have learned a little something new as well.  I’ll continue to give my reports from events that I take part in.

What did you do today?

2 thoughts on “Google Analytics

  1. Great information. I’m a regular users of Google Analytics and I learned a few things from this list. Thanks.
    Lew Sauder, Author, Consulting 101: 101 Tips For Success in Consulting

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