The Future of Marketing Analytics

The first event I attended through the AMA was called The Future of Marketing Analytics and Automation Technologies.  The panel of speakers consisted of VP’s from Eloqua, Neolane and Silverpop.

What happened was the following.  My manager and I were expecting something completely different from the event.  We were thinking that we would get information about the future of marketing analytics and that there would be more of an emphasis on Google Analytics and the like.  However, the event revolved around marketing automation companies, such as the above, who offer marketing analytics software and services.  Not exactly what we had been hoping for.

But, I feel that you can always learn something.  I still went on listening and taking notes and thinking about topics that could fit into a blog post.  The catch phrase I am glad I caught was “Crawl, Walk and Run,” which was a blog post from Silverpop.  This phrase applies to more than just marketing automation, it applies to analytics and it also applies to a job search.  You have to “crawl” through your resume and the job boards, you have to “walk” to interviews and “run” after that perfect job!

But I digress.  Here are the other things I got out of the event:

1.A new connection, Brian Allain of Good Samaritan Networking Group.

2. That no matter if you have a company such as Silverpop analyzing your marketing efforts or not, you should yourself analyze web behavior and score your leads.  Not everyone is a good connection and it’s up to you decide who matters.

3. Lead scoring should be done in two phases: finding out who the lead is and what they do.  By this point you should also know how they found your company and what information they were interested in.  (Did you meet this lead at a trade show?  Did they request literature?)

4. After you’ve valued your leads you have to nurture them.

5. After all of this has been done, sales will know that these are quality leads and exactly why they are important to them.

There you have it, you can learn something anywhere!

What did you do today?


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