Cover Letters

Cover letters come after resumes so that’s why we’re at this point of the process.  After all, I am going backwards from hire/no hire to the beginning of the job search.

Before I begin, the top thing to always keep in mind is KEY WORDS!  You have to use them to your advantage.  Your resume and cover letter are your brand!  No one will know about it if you don’t showcase your main accomplishments.

The next thing to consider is yes…having numerous cover letters. This is obviously harder to accomplish if you are working full time and looking for a job.  The easy way out is to take some time out on a weekend and write several versions.  Think about the types of jobs you are applying for and go from there.  You can have a boilerplate cover letter and change up the skills and accomplishments you may want to highlight.

Having one cover letter in which you just change the company name and job title is going to look and feel stale and the hiring manager will sense it from a mile away.  If you can’t put effort into getting a job interview, the easy part, why would you put effort into the actual job, the hard part?

What did you do today?

I hope the following samples will help get you started:

Career Change Cover Letters
Cover Letter Samples
Cover Letters: Types and Samples
Cover Letter Resources for Job Seekers

On a different note, I have to share the 6 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview with you.  If you followed me on Twitter you would have seen this tweet yesterday.  What are you waiting for? Follow me.


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