Prepping for an Interview

So now that you have or have not gotten hired and have answered some tough questions, we need to look back on the pre-interview.  I shared with you some of my experiences at interviews but I would love to hear yours.  What went wrong?

Let’s dissect the flow of the actual experience and what you did leading up to it.

Here is what you should have done before showing up:
1. Map the route and actually drive it to make sure you know where you are going.  It might seem ridiculous, especially if the interview is in the next town over, but you’d be surprised how many times I got lost and began freaking out that I might not make it on time.  The last thing you want to do is to show up late or to show up frazzled and sweaty.

2. Read the company profile. Find out their mission and vision statements and what their top products are.  Basically, read everything you can about the company.  I would suggest googling it and seeing what comes up.  For all you know there may be a case study out there that they are proud of but don’t showcase on their site but rather on the PR agency’s site.

3. Prepare a portfolio. Whether this portfolio is 10 pages long or is just one page, you should come with something to show.  It may just be a sample of a white paper you wrote, at least it will give a real life sample of your work instead of just a bullet on your resume that states “wrote white papers about the industry.”  What’s more exciting?

4. Lay out your clothes. You have to shower, eat and get ready. You don’t want to also worry about whether the shirt you had in mind fits or not and then have to go through your entire closet and waste 20 minutes that could have been spent prepping for the interview.  This is kind of like mapping your route to the interview.

5. Interview questions…you saw my take on the ones you need to prepare for, but here are the two that are considered “the big ones”, according to, that you as the interviewee need to prepare for before you dive into the rest:
5a.Tell me about yourself
5b.Why should we hire you?

Good luck! What did you do today?

P.S. Read the full article titled, The two big questions at a job interview.

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