Why You Did Get the Job

Quite honestly, congratulations!  You lucked out and beat out hundreds of other people! I’m not joking. My friend had to hire someone for her own position because she was leaving and she had to weed through hundreds of resumes.

From personal experience, and this is my take on the situation, I think what helped me get my job were the following reasons:

1. Experience- Yes, I had been laid off for 16 months to the day when I began my new job.  However, I kept extremely busy.  I took online courses, I got certified in Inbound Marketing, I was writing this blog and I came prepared.  I didn’t allow the time to pass and not get anything out of it.  I made sure to be up on the new marketing buzz words so I could speak knowledgeably to my future managers.

2. Preparedness- I showed up with a collage, I would say, of my social media presence.  I made sure to convey not only interest in the position but also prove that no one else would be better.  I had succeeded in my previous positions and I knew that no matter the task I would do anything to get things done right.

3. Follow Up- When I came in for my second interview I came with ammunition. I showed my 30-60-90 plan of what I thought I needed to accomplish in the position. This showed not only my ability to plan and execute without being asked to do so but also that I had fully read the job description and more importantly had actually listened during the first interview.

Now go out there and show the experience that is relevant to a specific job you are applying for, yes that means you should tweak your resume and cover letter for every job.  Show that you are prepared to do the job and do it right, whether that’s through sharing statistics or examples of your work is up to you.

Good luck and what did you do today?

P.S. Alesia Benedict from GetInterviews.com shares her 6 tips to getting the job:

1. Target Large and Small Companies
2. Consider a Temporary Position
3. Pursue an Internship
4. Follow Up Judiciously
5. Adjust Your Expectations
6. Balance Traditional and Emerging Job Search Strategies


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