Why You Didn’t Get the Job

I’ve been asked a lot, as of late, to evaluate people’s job descriptions, resumes, cover letters etc.  This lead me to think that I need to bring this blog back to what it was, a place that gave everyone tips and tricks on how to land a job.  And, I’ve decided to start backwards.  So over the next three weeks we will work our way through the interview process, writing resumes and cover letters and how you should begin your job search.

A lot of times you wonder, “Why didn’t I get the job?  I’m qualified, I showed interest, I came prepared…what gives?”  Well, what gives is a number of things.  Either your personality didn’t mesh well with the hiring manager, your skills, in their minds, didn’t quite fit in to a perfect mold, OR more often than not, someone internally got placed into the position.

There really isn’t anything that can be done about the above points.  Companies are pretty much expected to put a job out on to the public search engines so they can say, “See? We tried, but our own people are the best,” even if you are better.  You’ve really done everything you can at this point and it’s time to put this experience behind you and put your effort into the next job you are asked to interview for.

However, you may not realize it but perhaps you didn’t come fully prepared and hence why you weren’t called back.  For example, I had an interview at a bike company and was asked to name as many bike parts as I could, right there on the spot.  Leading up to this point, I already felt that the interview wasn’t exactly going as well as I had hoped.  I felt prepared when I walked in and I knew I could attack the job and do it well but I really did not feel comfortable with the people I had met so far.  After naming parts like, seat and pedal, I knew that I had just spent an hour of my time making mental notes of what not to do next time.  Among other things, next time I wasn’t going to NOT learn more about the product.

Another time I had come in to interview and the hiring manager wasn’t notified that she had to interview me instead of the HR person.  What ended up happening was we only had 20 minutes to chat and all I had time for was to talk about my experience and not really ask any questions about the position or the perfect person they would like to hire.

Perhaps, the employer can sense that you’re not that interested in the position and that you’re just here because you want a job, any job.  No one can fault you for it, but an employer can question whether you’d be motivated to do the job and not complain or just flat out leave when you find something better.  You may also not know it at the time, but perhaps you dodged a bullet.  Perhaps this job really wasn’t for you and the next one you interview for will be.

In summary, don’t let a rejection stop you, you have to take the experience and see what else you can do next time to show that YOU are it for the job.

What did you do today?

P.S. Check out this great article from Doostang which was my inspiration for this blog post, Why a Great Interview Might Not Turn Into a Job.


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