How the Kindle and Harry Potter Made Reading Cool Again

I mentioned reading about the Borders Books story in Newsweek earlier this week.  The whole point of it was that Borders was ahead of its competition, until it began leveraging other people’s knowledge for its benefit.  The article talked about, among other things, the Kindle and Nook and why one succeeded where the other did not.

This point made me think about how in the last 10 years or so, reading and writing has become cool again.  The Harry Potter series were followed by Twilight and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo phenomenon.  People are not only reading more, they are finding ways to make reading convenient.  I think part of the problem with reading was that you always had to carry around your clunky book which may not always have had a place in your briefcase or suitcase.  Now with the Kindle you can carry your 1000 page book anywhere.  You hear the older crowd talking about getting a Kindle or Nook as a gift and the younger crowd longing for someone to gift one to them.  With our population on information overload we seem to be dealing with all of this pretty well.  We are not only dealing with it, we are making the old pastime of reading fun again.  With the ability of downloading your favorite book or magazine to one portable device is amazing to me.

Quite honestly, I see blogging heading this way too.  I really think that with these digital platforms people will find not only reading but also writing a lot easier.  We are already headed that way.  Take Facebook and Twitter.  Yes, they may be abused due to the fact that people are constantly sharing and over sharing personal information but I think that people will also begin to see that instead of just writing a quick 140 character message can lead to writing more in general.

So there you have it folks.  I enjoyed branching out a bit this week and taking a look at the future and seeing what it may hold for us.  I hope my blog posts made you think.  You don’t need to agree with my opinions but just the fact that you read them and perhaps got to thinking about your own opinion is a win for me.

Have a great weekend and…what did you do today?


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