The Future of Information Gathering

After reading about corporate blogging and the Border’s Books story I was left wondering, are we getting smarter?  Now, don’t stop reading just because you think I’ve completely lost my mind…because I don’t think I have.  One might argue that with all the social media and mobile devices out there we’re only getting dumber and not only that but are forgetting how to read and write correctly.

Here is my take on it.  There are millions of blogs out there.  There are even sites such as stumbleupon, tumblr, and mashable which pull the latest and greatest blog entries together so it’s easier for readers to get their latest blog fix.  Why?  Why do people care what others have to say?  I think it’s because of our thirst for knowledge and opinion.  Notice I didn’t say power.  Whether we agree or disagree with an opinion, we usually want to hear it.  The above mentioned sites wouldn’t exist if people out there weren’t

a)      Writing and

b)      Reading.

This ability to find any kind of information we may be looking for, in my opinion is making us smarter.  There are people out there who genuinely care about the topics they are writing about and those are the people who succeed.  Those are the people who are using this whole social media “thing” to their advantage and getting their voices heard.  I don’t know what the next big “it” thing may be but I can guarantee that it will make news gathering easier and quicker.

What did you do today?


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