Today my blog turns 1!

I am so excited about this accomplishment and the fact that I really followed through on what I set out to do with this space.

So here goes, my stats…which look much better than the ones from my 6 month anniversary:

Total months active: 12 a.k.a. 1 year!

Total views: 21,722 vs. 8,685 @ my 6 month mark

Total posts: 192 vs. 86 @ my 6 month mark

Total comments: 444 vs. 178 @ my 6 month mark

Monthly number of average readers: Just about 1,810 vs. 355 @ my 6 month mark

The top three sites my readers come from: (5,125), Facebook (941), (219).

As I said after 6 months, I have to say that without the world we live in now I wouldn’t be where I am now.  I not only get to share my advice and get feedback from thousands of people but I also get to use my knowledge of social media at work.

Have a wonderful weekend and as always…what did you do today?

***If you are interested, you can read my very first blog entry from February 4th 2010 titled, so…what did you do today?


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