Bethenny’s Tips

As you may know, I went to see Bethenny Frankle on her first SkinnyGirl Night Out tour in Lowell.  She shared gossip, Jason and Julie stopped by but most of all Bethenny shared what helped her bring out her inner SkinnyGirl.  After years of weight obsession and dieting she came up with her own tips which she share in her Naturally Thin book.

Here are 5 of her 10 dieting tips:

1. Your Diet is a Bank Account
2. You Can Have It All, Just Not All at Once
3. Taste Everything, Eat Nothing
4. Pay Attention
5. Downsize NOW!

As helpful as these tips are, I did want to share her newest tips from her newest book, A Place of Yes.  For those of you who watched, Bethenny Getting Married? this is the manuscript she worked so long and hard on and then threw into the bonfire because she had to re-write it all.

As the book title states, these are the 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life.  Do with them as you see fit.  Below you will find my interpretation for what they mean to me.

1. Break the Chain- It doesn’t matter what happened in the past.  Break the chain and begin again.
2. Find Your Truth- Just because something worked for someone else, it does not mean it will or should work for you.
3. Act On It- Whatever it is, finding a job, finding a man, moving…act on it and don’t look back!
4. Everything’s Your Business- If it involves you, it’s your business.  Act on it or fix it if it’s broken.
5. All Roads Lead to Rome- There isn’t just one way to do it, find your truth and get to where you want to be.
6. Go For Yours- You don’t need to have what everyone has, find what makes you happy and go for it.
7. Separate from the Pack- Two heads may be better than one, but sometimes it’s best to break out and find your own success.
8. Own It- Whatever you may have done, own up to it.  Whether it’s a mistake or a success, you did it.
9. Come Together- Bring those individuals closest to you back in your life.  Make sure to keep quality and not quantity friendships.
10. Celebrate- once you have achieved your goals…celebrate!

How will you use Bethenny’s 10 rules?

What did you do today?

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