Updating Your Networks

Something I’ve never understood is why people still associate themselves with a company they no longer work for.  I know people who have been out of a specific job position for more than two years but still have that position as the most current one.

I can understand that perhaps they haven’t had luck securing their next job.  However, if a potential employer checks out your profile they will have questions.  Either you are still “employed” by company X or you are lying about your credentials.

Here are my tips to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, even if you may not be employed.

1. Put a professional status update up at least once a week, maybe twice.  Don’t over do it. My tip is to either ask a professional question about something or share some advice you may have come across and point people to the specific website.

2. Update your summary section to reflect what you have been doing with your time…volunteering, taking courses, or even reading a book written by an industry leader.

3. Update your title/heading to say that you are seeking your next opportunity.

There really isn’t anything to be ashamed about if you are out of work these days.  Millions of people are in the same boat as you, but your success depends on what you do with your time.

So, update your profile and make it a personal goal to have something to update on it every two or three months.

Good luck and what did you do today?

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