The Trader Joe’s Philosophy

I was shopping at Trader Joe’s recently and as I was leaving the store I thought about the strategy behind the company.  It truly is quality over quantity.  They buy the best and most unique items versus a lot of everything.  I’m thinking that with the new year still fresh in my mind, I should implement this strategy in my life.  I should stop buy a little bit of everything and only get things that will last me years.

How you can implement this in your job search is instead of applying to every job under the sun, which I am the first to know is what happens after some time, and instead apply to jobs that are within your skill set.  Also, always make sure to put your best, and not mediocre, foot forward.  So every time you find a new opportunity and are about to apply, think about the Trader Joe’s philosophy and whether you are living it.

What did you do today?


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