Job Search Resolutions

How was everyone’s snow day?  I hope no one had to deal with down power lines and trees crashing over their roofs.  Although the shoveling was much harder this time around than the day after Christmas I still thoroughly enjoyed myself.  You can see some of my pictures along the right hand side of my blog.

Now that we are almost at the end of our second week of the new year let’s talk about sticking to our resolutions.  As always, everyone’s typical resolution is to get healthy or lose weight.  Unfortunately, it looks like people are already beginning to fall behind on their exercise.  Case in point, the Tuesday after New Year’s the gym was PACKED at 6am, as the week went on, there were less and less people showing up.  I’m here to tell you, don’t give up on your resolutions!

Those of you looking for work, rejoice!  The economy looks like it is picking up and more people are hiring.  Learn from every phone screen you have and from every interview you go on.  I truly have to say that I interviewed at some great companies but I could not be happier with what I am doing right now.  I not only get to play with social media and put in my two cents but I also get to plan and manage trade shows!  Maybe some of you, who read my blog regularly, might say, “throw fashion in there and it looks like this is THE job for you.”  Luckily, just being back in the workforce I get to play with all of my old AND new work clothes so it’s like exploring a part of my closet that I hadn’t seen in 16 months!

So what do the writers at Doostang suggest you resolve to do in the new year if you are looking for work?  Let’s take a look:

1.Resolve to build out your professional network.  Hold yourself accountable and vow to meet a certain number of people – say, two – per week.
2. Promise to yourself that you’re going to really make your job search a full time job, and set a goal for yourself as to how many jobs you will apply to each week.
3. Decide to have a happier, healthier year by taking up a hobby or volunteering.  It’s hard to sit in front of a computer all day and search for a job, so commit yourself to an activity or join a group that meets once a week…
4. Commit yourself to learning a new skill or subject matter.  Use your free time to broaden your mind, and consider taking up something that will allow you to bring more to the table at a new job…
5. If 2010 was a rough year for you as far as job search goes, consider seeking the aid of professional services that will look over your resume or coach you on how to perform in an interview.
6. Make a resolution to build your online presence and leverage social media channels to get a job.  Sign up for various social and professional networking sites, and craft an image that you want employers to see.
7. Perhaps the most important resolution is to find a way to stay positive, even though you may be feeling anxious about not having a job.  A positive person will be more productive, will exude enthusiasm and confidence to hiring managers…

Thank you Doostang team for your great advice!!!

What did you do today?

P.S. Read the whole article: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Job Search.


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