Career, Networking and Fashion

That is what this Thursday is going to be all about! Yes, this is a post for the “Personal Life” category.  But boy am I excited…my friend Tenley and I are going to see Bethenny Frankel at the Lowell Auditorium!!!  Ok, there may be a few of you who would say, “Bethenny who?” and there are also those who do know about her and might say, “What the hell are you so excited about?”

Well my friends, I think she embodies Career, Networking and Fashion.  Yes, she may be best known for being on the Real Housewives of New York City but unlike many of the women on these shows, especially Beverly Hills, Bethenny wasn’t there to just socialize.  She used the show as a major platform to help launch her career with a launch of the Skinny Girl Margarita, her cook books and her own spin off, Bethenny Getting Married.

She networked her way into the world she is in now and I can’t give more kudos to people who really try and succeed. Did you know that she was on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice and came in second?

Now, on to the fashion part.  I have always thought that Bethenny looks stunning in all of her outfits so here are my options for Thursday night, obviously the first is just for fun and my wish that it was summer time.  However, the two others…which one do I go with?  I mean it’s Bethenny Frankel after all.

What did you do today?


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