The 5-15 Minute LinkedIn Check-Up

I always preached that once you are employed you should not forget your networks and connections that you made while job searching.  I also encouraged everyone to keep networking while they are employed, not so much in the hopes of finding another job but more to learn about your industry or craft.

However, I can see how this sort of thing can fall by the wayside.  You get busy working, running errands, preparing meals, doing laundry and catching up with your loved ones.  There seems to be no time left for other people.

Now, I am the first to admit that I certainly find time for Facebook, Twitter, ideeli, J’severydayfashion and other celeb and fashion blogs.  However, I leave checking LinkedIn and other networking sites to a last resort.  Why?  I think because the previous sites allow me to browse mindlessly but when I’m on LinkedIn I feel like I really need to think and communicate on a professional level.

So here is my solution, the 5-15 minute LinkedIn check-up which you can accomplish over the weekend:

If you only have 5 minutes a week:

1. Log in and simply take a look at your home site and see if something on your profile needs to be updated

2. Check your inbox and make a note to reply to these messages later

3. Check to see who else has viewed your profile and see if you can network with them

If you only have 10 minutes a week:

Take the previous 3 tasks a step further…
1. Take the message reading a step further and respond to your new mail

2. Check out the “People You May Know” section and see who you can add to your network

3. Take a look at the “Just Joined LinkedIn” section to see who might be new and worthwhile connecting with.

If you only have 15 minutes a week:

Take the previous 6 tasks a step further…
1. Write a personal note to your possible new connections instead of just sending the boilerplate “hello.”

2. Check in on your groups and see what topics are being discussed and see how you can contribute

3. Check on the events that may be happening around you, perhaps there is an event you’d like to attend!

Well, there you have it.  Whether you have five, ten or fifteen minutes a week or just on a Saturday morning, there is always time to check in on your connections and your network.

What did you do today?

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