Don’t Friend Your Business Partners

With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn becoming a part of our everyday life and lingo we sometimes forget about keeping some things private.

The things I am referring to in this situation is keeping your business partners and customers separate from your friends.

A friend of mine got married this past summer and just like any other bride, she was really looking forward to receiving her wedding photos.  Her photographers “friended” her on Facebook which has turned into a major disaster.  Instead of being able to wait for the photographer to deliver on the promise of getting the photos in time, she not only has to wait past the original deadline but she now has to watch for updates from the photographer that inform my friend when she goes out to lunch, goes out of town and pretty much does anything other than work on the photos.

What’s the moral?  Keep your friends and business partners separate.  Friending my friend on Facebook has only made the photographer look unprofessional and will lead to a bad review of her services.  Although Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to share your life with others, keep some things under wraps.

What did you do today?


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