2010 in Review

I hope everyone had a good year.  In honor of 2010 I am sharing my top 10 successful posts.

1. Rejection, No One Wants It – “We all get rejected in our lives but the unemployed pool gets it a lot more. ”

2. Explaining Gaps in Your Resume – “We all wonder how to answer the “gap” question.  Should I fill the time between being laid off and now with the part time job I am working in?  But what if it has nothing to do with the industry I am looking for a job in?  What if I fill it with classes I am taking?”

3. Non-Compete Laws, The Ugly Part of Contract Work – “A number of people I know are freelancing, or have started their own businesses in an effort to make ends meet.  What if they keep in contact with contacts they have made in their previous job?  Well, your previous employer could potentially take you to court.”

4. Looking Good, Job Candidate – “As the job pool widens and the job search closes in, how about another thing we all need to think about when interviewing? And that “thing” is, looking put together, a.k.a looking good.”

5. June Will Be Our Outdoor Month – “All of this great weather is making me think about how I can get different types of exercise in…for free!”

6. Why Aren’t We Getting Hired?  We’re Perfect! – “we all think we are great at what we do, so then why aren’t we getting hired?  Perhaps it’s because we’re looking in the wrong industries.”

7. Informational Interviews – “The informational interviews are a great way to gain insight into your industry and network. These interviews have been especially helpful for me as I’m in a niche industry and well, the more people you know the better your chances are of finding a job!”

8. The Long Hard Road…To Employment! – “16 months, 457 job applications, 93 rejections…”

9. The Power of LinkedIn – “…some hiring managers don’t consider you if you’re not on LinkedIn…”

10. The Terrible Woes of Unemployment – “After talking to three different people on the unemployment hot line I was told three different stories about what extension I am on and about my eligibility. ”

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a fantastic 2011! See you next year!

What did you do today?


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