What is Your Brand?

I’ve written about building your brand many times.  Building or RE-building your brand revolves around your sales pitch.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you perfecting your pitch in order to land an interview or land a job?  These are two very different pitches!

Are you trying to explain why you want a certain job?

Alesia Benedict from GetInterviews.com has the following advice:

“Think of yourself as a product. What are you trying to ‘sell’ to the employer? What is it about your ‘brand’ that can optimize the company’s bottom line?

These are points to emphasize in any brief contact you have with the organization. This can be the brief bio you provide, a voice mail, or an email message, all of which should contain a consistent message about strengths, skills, or that special project you are offering. This is not a time to be secretive, coy, or too concerned about proprietary rights.

If you have a great idea and the company actually usurps it, you have dated documentation of when you provided this to the company. In that event, you have a very different scenario on your hands. What you want to focus on is your initiative and willingness to be a team player even before you become a part of the team. Hopefully, you can lessen the odds of any negative outcome by conducting thorough research that includes some information about the company’s ethics, relationships with staff, and orientation toward innovation and intellectual property.”

What did you do today?


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