Does the Most Qualified Candidate Get the Job?

Thank you again Doostang for a wonderful topic to write about.

This blog entry talks about the top three interview misconceptions:

* The Most Qualified Candidate Gets the Job

These days…it’s all about networking and internal hires.  Many times it is much easier for someone who has been working at the company to get hired because it is thought that someone from the outside will have a hard time adjusting to the environment and learning about the business.  This results in posting the position on job boards, just so that the company can say they did that, but no matter how exceptional you may be the position is already spoken for.

* The Interviewer is Prepared for…the Interview

Unfortunately I had gone to my fair share of interviews where I truly wondered if the interviewer had even looked at my resume.  I understand that HR or a recruiter usually does the hard work of picking who should be brought in but come on. Even though those of us who are looking for employment are trying desperately to wow you, we feel ripped off. The time we took to prepare and drive over for the interview could have been used much better.

* The Interviewer Will Ask All the Necessary Questions

I really don’t understand the point of this one.  You are expected to ask questions about the job, the company, the people, etc.  Prepare at least 10 questions before you head in to an interview so that as you find out about the job, and some of your initial questions get answered, you still have something to talk about!

Good luck!

What did you do today?

P.S. Read the full Doostang blog entry!

P.P.S. Anyone in Chicago looking for a Market Analyst job at Groupon?


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