Prepared to Work

I’ve filed this post under, among other things, Stretching Your Skill Set because…quite honestly I’ve never felt more prepared at a job.  I attribute it to always trying to do 100 things at once while I was unemployed.  I volunteered, worked part time, looked for work, networked, took online and night classes, finished my MBA and well…blogged.

Usually when you start a new job you are coming from another company.  Yes, I absolutely agree that in those situations the skills you have acquired are what in the end get your hired.  However, you don’t really have much more to offer than what you’ve learned in your previous position, which in some cases is perfect.  The part that isn’t perfect is that the only thing you’ve really had time to prepare for your new employer is a good pitch about yourself and learning what you can from a company website.  You are so bogged down with your day to day work that you don’t really have much time to do more than exactly what’s expected.

What am I trying to get at?  Simply that I think that all this time I spent being unemployed has prepared me like nothing else for the work life.  I had to be resilient, I had to teach myself new skills and I was constantly being shot down.  And…what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

I come into work every day and start off by going through my e-mails, looking at my To Do list and then jumping into whatever task I think should be completed next.  I seem to be getting along well with everyone around me and as of right now I see nothing but blue skies and green lights.  I LOVE to work!  I’m so happy to finally be back to my routine of gym, work, home.

So remain resilient.  If you have yet to find a job, your day will come.  And when it does, you will be more prepared than ever to jump back into the workforce!

What did you do today?


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