Job Postings vs. Networking

Those that find themselves looking for work in this tough economy have no doubt asked themselves the following question, “How do most people find work?  Is it through networking or numerous job applications off job boards?”

I can tell you that I did get a lot of leads from my network.  However, dedicating time every week to apply to at least 10 jobs off job boards is what ultimately paid off.  But is my experience the norm?  Well, according to someone who has a hand in the Boston Globe’s Career Makeover section told me the following, “…one stat that said in a tough economy there can be as many as 700 resumes for one position…[and] based on my experience with my own clients, it’s always, always networking that has landed them their jobs.  I can’t think of one that landed an opportunity (not in the last 5 years, anyway) who did so through a job board.  I’ve found job  boards to be helpful for research – but relationship-building trumps applying for jobs online.”

So what should you do?  I suggest, as do many others, making the job search your full time job and dedicating half your time to building relationships and the other to job boards.  Perhaps there is also a way you can bridge the two together.  I.e. download the LinkedIn toolbar so that every time you search for jobs it will show you who you could possibly know in the company!

Good luck!

What did you do today?


2 thoughts on “Job Postings vs. Networking

  1. Hi Linda,

    Arielle diPadua recently turned me onto your blog as we work together and my boyfriend has been unemployed for 4 months. So far, I really appreciate your posts and think they are extremely insightful. Based on this post, I am shocked that someone could say that job boards are not a successful way to land a job. I recently started my third job in 3.5 years and I have found each and every one of those positions through job boards. I think you just have to have a resume that stands out when it is among 300+ other applicants.

    Thanks for posting!


    • Hi Jacki,

      Thank you for reading! I was a little surprised as well. All the jobs I’ve ever foudn were through job boards as well. However, I haev heard about this new change in hiring from within or through networking. But, I would focus on both equally, as I said in the post. No sense only focusing on just one aspect of the search.

      Good luck to your boyfriend!

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