First Day at Work

Who wouldn’t be excited for their first day at work?  However, don’t be SO excited that you forget some of the basics:

* shower

* trim your nails and remove any chipped nailpolish

* dress appropraitely

* bring a note pad and pen

* bring your passport and a check book- for direct deposit and identification purposes

* bring any other notes you may have made while interviewing for the job

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited to wear “grown up” clothes again.  At the beginning of this whole ordeal I was glad that I hadn’t just thrown out a lot of my casual clothes, because quite honestly, how often do you wear a basic t-shirt and jeans while working in the corporate world?  Now I’m extremely glad that I can buy corporate clothes again.  I long for my pencil skirts, long work pants, blouses and high heels that don’t need to be appropriate for an 8 hour day on my feet but rather need to look good for getting me from my car to the office and to walk from one cube to the next.

Gone are the days when I prepared for 8 hours of manual labor in a stock room opening anywhere between 20-60 boxes and organizing clothes racks.  As much as I loved those days, I’m quite ready and quite happy about this change!

What did you do today?


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