Moving Into the “Yes” Pile

With hundreds of applicants to any given job you always wonder what puts you over the edge and move into the “yes” pile. Is it the skills?  The education?  The references?  The experience?  What is it?

I always felt that I had great experience, and had even been told so, so what could I do to surpass everyone else and stand out of a…pile?

Here are some tips for you from Stephanie Daniel, VP at Keystone Associates:

Individualize: “There are countless resume books that offer fancy canned resume phrases, but a savvy recruiter will see right through them.”

Quantify: “It is great to write that you improved your company’s sales numbers, brought in new clients, or reduced excessive expenditures, but the hiring manager will ask you to “show me the money”. Make your resume stand out by quantifying your successes with hard numbers and statistics…”

Energize: “Avoid the temptation to use the same verb over again and again and remove ho-hum verbs like ‘provide’ and ‘coordinate.'”

Optimize: “Include keywords and tags at the bottom of your resume before you post it to the various online job sites and networks so it’s searchable. You’ll more likely be found by the human resources or hiring manger if your resume is tagged for words that describe your discipline, experience, and industry knowledge.”

Trim: “…remove all extraneous words until you get down to only the essential facts that will sell you.”

Overnight: “If it’s a job you really want, you should mail your resume overnight so the human resources or hiring manger has to sign for it.”

What did you do today?

P.S. Here is the link to, Six ways to push your resume into the “green pile.”


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