Resumes for Every Field!

Recently I came across a wonderful site called Blue Sky Resumes.  This site gives you a wealth of information.  No matter what field you are in you can get free advice!  You can even take a free resume writing course!

Once you pick the resume you would like to use as a template you can then click and find out the reasoning behind the template.  The biggest thing I took away from the Social Media Specialist resume is:

“We completely transformed [the] resume by going into a lot of detail about…social media and blogging experience and almost eliminating unrelated achievements from [the] most recent position.

Lots of those achievements were impressive but they were distracting readers from the skills that would be most important for someone managing social media.

This is a key point – keep your resume focused on what your target employers want to know and be ruthless about eliminating information that doesn’t serve that purpose.

This advice, I feel, is very relevant, especially for those who have a wide variety of experience.  As I’ve written before, I don’t think variety is a bad thing. If there is a commonality between the positions you’ve held then you must highlight that commonality.

I also agree that it may not be appropriate to list every single skill you’ve ever acquired.  Does a hiring manager for a marketing position really care if you worked at Abercrombie when you were 20?  Unless it’s a position that requires retail experience, I’d leave it off.

If anyone asks you why you may have left that particular experience off, simply state that you did not think that that particular job was relevant to the position you were applying for and that you wanted to make sure that your most relevant skills were highlighted.  However, you would be more than happy to talk about that experience.

Next, when looking at a resume for a Marketing Manager position I found the following advice very interesting:

When hiring a marketer, employers are not looking primarily for creativity – they’re looking for results. They want you to be creative of course, but only if what you create drives revenue or profit increases.

What are your key learning’s?

What did you do today?

3 thoughts on “Resumes for Every Field!

  1. Linda,
    So many candidates do not realize how important it is to “keep your resume focused… and be ruthless about eliminating information that doesn’t serve that purpose.” I almost always (95% of time) recommend that one keep their resume to ONE page, for that reason and also because the reader typically only scans the top 2/3 of the first page anyway. Page two, therefore, is often overlooked – unless the candidate will be interviewed, which is a small percentage of applicants.
    Thanks for sharing this information!

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