Should Your Company Implement Social Media?

Annnnd that would be a big fat YES!  Haven’t my last three posts rattled your brain?  🙂  You should at least talk social media and social networking up and perhaps explore it on your own before showing your manager or senior management what it can do for your company. Perhaps you can start off the conversation with the following quote:

“Consumers are using Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with close friends, but also to keep tabs on casual acquaintances or people with common interests…consumers are more than willing to come together when that shared interest is a brand, and marketers should be looking for ways to bring their fans together in a branded environment.”

As you drum up the courage to tell you marketing manager that social media should at least be explored, if not implemented consider this story, “Coffee shops like Starbucks have a built-in offline community element and are gathering places for socializing, working, and dining. But Starbucks is also fostering a very unique online community, one that lets consumers collaborate on the brand they love. The brand’s My Starbucks Idea website solicits consumer ideas and suggestions, both large and small, and lets the community discuss them, vote on its favorites, and see the ideas put into action.

The consumer-generated ideas range from thoughts on rewards cards, ways to foster community within the bricks-and-mortar Starbucks locations, and requests to revive drink flavors. The brand keeps the community in the loop with its Ideas In Action blog, where staffers write about new developments and announce community contest winners. One recent post announced the return of salted caramel hot chocolate after several members expressed disappointment at its discontinuation.

You don’t step into a Starbucks location in the first place unless you like coffee, and the brand is finding a way to unite coffee fans online as well. The Harris study also found that more than half of the respondents value the opinions others share; Starbucks has created a platform for posting opinions and uniting like-minded coffee fans.”

Here are the main take aways from this week:

1. Social media without SEO only goes so far.

2. Monitor your metrics to find out what key words you should use and focus on.  Compare those to your competition.

3. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and don’t implement social media just because “everyone is doing it.”  In order for it to work you have to do it right.

4. Let the people come to you by creating relevant, consistent and reliable content.

But most importantly…

What did you do today?

P.S. Here is the article I used for today’s quotes: How to Use Social Media to Unite Lonely Consumers, Build Brand Loyalty.


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