The Point of Social Media

So what is the point of social media?  My basic description is this, it’s a quick and viral way to share information, connect with your customers and get them what they want!

Who wouldn’t want to share information quickly and assure that it gets from say the U.S. to Russia in the matter of seconds?  We all love e-mail, so if it’s easier to grasp the advances of social media in terms of e-mail then you can just pretend that Twitter and Facebook are instantaneous versions of e-mail!  How great is that?

But why do companies need to understand social media?  Personally I wish I knew about it earlier so that I could have executed my marketing efforts in a better, quicker and more widespread manner.  I was shocked to see in many job descriptions that hiring managers were looking for someone with 5-10 years of social media experience!  Why have I only heard about it recently?  I suppose we might all overlook the rise of Facebook and Myspace but still, why weren’t more marketing managers “into” this new phenomenon?  So, since the majority of us are already behind we simply must catch up.

Social media allows your company to reach customers immediately, interact with them, generate leads and nurture them in a timely manner.

Here are the basic facts:

“According to a new study by CNN 43% of peer-to-peer news sharing comes from social media networks and tools e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, followed by email (30%), SMS (15%) and IM (12%). ”

Social Media Today commented that the CNN study found 27% of ‘Frequent Sharers’ (defined as those sharing at least six stories each week) were responsible for 87% of all news shared online.”

I think it’s time to get social.

What did you do today?

P.S. Here is the blog I took inspiration and some quotes from, Social Media Most Common Channel for Sharing Content on Web.

AND check out the Social Media Playbook on Scott Monty’s blog titled, The Social Media Marketing Blog.

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