The Point of Blogging

As I said before, I’ve been asked about the reason for my blog and whether I started it to make money.  Who doesn’t want to make money while doing something they enjoy?  But quite honestly, this was a project that I wanted to take on and either run with it or give it up.  Through some extra time on my hands while job searching, it made sense to share my experience and the great resources I came across.  I never expected that I would have had over 16,000 readers log on over the last nine months.

So what is the point of blogging and how can you, perhaps as a company, be successful at it?  In my opinion blogging should only be undertaken by those that have time to blog. I’ve read before that if you want people to come to your blog consistently and to rely on you for their information then you need to blog daily.  I would argue that if as a company/corporation you decided that you blogged once a week, and made that clear, then I don’t see any issues with it.  You just need to stick to that regiment and blog on the same day every week to create consistency and prove to your readers, especially at the beginning, that you are reliable!

Next…how do you pull readers to your blog over another? If you are a company then it may be easier to blog because other businesses and customers may already be aware of you.  If you already produce press releases, whitepapers, webinars, etc. then blogging will be a piece of cake.  Pull information from all of the previously mentioned  communications and create a blog entry which will allow you to mention all three items and give your readers a synopsis of each.  You can also set up a meeting with your CEO, director of MarComm or anyone else that may be of interest.

If you are doing this for fun and exposure then you need to make sure that what you are blogging about is really of interest to you.  It will be very obvious if you could care less about the topics you write about so pick something you have a genuine curiosity about or something you want to teach others about.

But really?  How do you drive traffic to your blog? Keep these 5 tips in mind:

1 Create eye catching headlines for your blog entries.

2. Comment on similar stories and publications.

3. Time your posts according to highest traffic times-early morning, lunch time or after work.

4. Use Twitter to follow other companies. I would highly suggest following your competitors to see what they are doing.

5. Build a reputation.

And finally, here are some basic facts:

“If you look at the recent statistics shared by eMarketer (“Corporate Blogging Goes Mainstream“), you’ll see that only about a third of companies use blogs. But if you look at the growth over the last three years, the use of blogs has actually doubled (!).”

“One thing I’ve always found about blogs is their infinite variety. They can be based in text, photos, videos, or a combination of any of them. They can be written by a team or by an executive. The topic can be singularly focused or can be an aggregate of other blogs. They can bring enthusiasts behind the scenes or collect ideas from fans. The point is that it’s a flexible platform that will function any way you need it to. For a great set of examples, check out Mashable’s 15 Excellent Corporate Blogs.”

“If done well, blogging can incorporate the benefits of traditional marketing as well as the new. For example, integrating blog content or headlines into the corporate website in order to keep it fresh. Doing so not only gives customers a reason to return to your site frequently, but also helps with SEO (search engine optimization).”

I could go on and on about this but I would like someone to hire me and not just use my ideas for free 🙂

What did you do today?

P.S. Here are the links to the blogs I used for today’s tips, 10 Tips to Drive Twitter Traffic to Your Blog , The Social Media Marketing Blog.


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