SEO and How it Will Help Your Company

In the last month I’ve been slowly making my way through an online SEO course.  This particular site walks you through Getting Started on an SEO Program, Keyword Phrases, Creating a Search-Friendly Site Architecture, SEO in HTML Tags, Writing Effective Website Content, Link Popularity, Social Media Marketing and How it Works with SEO, Measuring Success and finally, overall SEO strategy.  That’s a lot to learn about but it’s all important when it comes to making effective websites and blogs.

So how will SEO help your company?  Well, basically, if you don’t optimize your site for certain keywords it my never get found.  Being found is something that’s very important for a company, especially one that is starting out.

Here is a great example.  When you google, “office supplies” what companies do you expect to pop up? I would think it would be Staples, Office Max and WB Mason.  However, the companies/websites that actually pop up are the following, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Quill, BuyOnlineNow, Amazon, etc. and WB Mason shows up on the second page.  Who even look on the second page of a google search?  So what’s the problem?

Well, one of the reasons Staples does pop up first is that their title tag spells out exactly what their site and company is all about; Office Supplies, Printer Ink, Toner, etc.  However, if you look at WB Mason, all their title tag says is, WB Mason.  You might say “who cares,” but google would say “we don’t.”

Let’s drill further into the above example.  We can let it slide that “office supplies” doesn’t show up in the title tag, but what if you try to find the words “office supplies” on the home page. What I find shocking is that those words do not show up on WB Mason’s home page.  How is this possible?  What about Staples?  Well, those two words show up not just once, but three times!  What’s the point?  You need to have the key words pop up in the title tag and your home page.

What is my point?  You have to pick some keywords that say WHAT your company does and is about.  Once you’ve done that you should look at the competitiveness of those words and see how often they are used.  How?

1. Put your key words or key word phrases into , , or into Google Keywords.

2. Put a word or a phrase in ” ” and look at the number of results in google.  This will show you how many sites use that exact phrase.

3. To get an even more exact reading of your competitiveness type in: allintitle:” ” and put your keywords in between the quotes.  This will show you how many pages are optimized for a certain word or phrase and use it in their title tag.  Keep in mind that using allintitle too many times may temporary block you from google.

So implement these three steps and begin using key words in your title tag as well as on your home page!  This will help newcomers find your page and…that is how SEO will help your company!

What did you yo today?


4 thoughts on “SEO and How it Will Help Your Company

  1. There is so much involved with SEO, but local SEO is much easier as long as you follow some simple rules. The new launch and look of Google Places and online review rankings have changed the face of Internet Marketing.

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