What Does Your Resume Say About You?

“As a society, work expectations have changed drastically over the last couple of decades. It is assumed most people will have a minimum of 7 different positions throughout their work-lives. Realistically, it is probably twice as many – although that reality doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. What it actually represents is the culmination of the slow mentality shift away from “corporation as caretaker” that used to be part of a life-long career.”

Well, there’s the answer to the question that many of us are asked during interviews, “I see that you’ve jumped around a lot from job to job.  Can you tell me more about that?”  I agree with the above statement.  I think that just because you’ve changed positions and companies does not mean that you are bad at what you do or that you won’t ever be happy.  I think it just means that unfortunately you were not able to find what you were looking for at company X and had to move on.  However, that does not mean that if after explaining your desire for growth at company X you are granted new responsibilities then of course you would stay and learn more.

I am a big believer that many of us get the two or three-year itch.  And, if after explaining to your manager that you are looking for more responsibility and visibility you are still stuck doing the same thing then unfortunately you have to weigh your options.  Stay where you are and not grow as an employee or change organizations and learn something new?  I will say that there are some great companies out there that DO promote growth from within and those are the places that retain their employees.  So it’s all about how you SELL your experience and your choice to stay at one employer or move between several.

So, does your resume reflect that your are constantly unhappy or that you are simply building a career?

Well, Alesia Benedict who writes for GetInterviews.com, and from whose blog entry I borrowed the opening quote, states that you should think about the following points when drafting up your resume:

“Are you asking ‘where’s the money”? Are you feeling unfulfilled and perhaps even unappreciated in your current career situation? Do you long for a change in your career or are you seeking more flexibility in your schedule? Do you have dreams of what you would really like to be doing but feel ‘stuck’ just earning a living?”

1. “How consistent has your work history been?

2. Do your positions demonstrate a clear progression of increasing responsibility or seem more like a ‘mash-up’ of seemingly unrelated job experiences? The latter description can certainly work against you if not carefully crafted into a cohesive resume. These diverse experiences can become strengths and increase your value to an employer if ‘packaged correctly’.

If you are able to ‘connect the dots’ for the employer by presenting a common thread that includes your passion for excellence, curiosity, and drive to make things happen, you can immediately move to the top of that pile of resumes on the hiring manager’s desk.

Provide structure for your job search by presenting a resume to potential employers that sends the right message. Clarifying the purpose of the resume at this point in your life will present a cohesive ‘package’ to hiring managers. An authentic representation will land the job because of the consistent clear message about your strengths and skills.”

Have a great Halloween!

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