Write About THEM, Not You-Cover Letters

Well…I agree with this to a point. Recently I’ve begun taking quotes out of job descriptions and preceding them with something along the lines of, “The job description states that you are looking for someone who will, ‘…’  Well, those are the exact duties I performed in my most recent role.”

This is a new take on cover letter writing, at least for me.  I was always used to writing about my skills and just writing in the title of the position I was applying for.  However, after hearing my friend JoAnne mention that she writes about the company rather than herself I felt inclined to try this new tactic.  I have yet to see if this is going to be effective but if I were reading cover letters I would think that this kind of writing would stand out a little more.

Another thing I’ve begun doing is making bullet points.  I either bullet out the requirements that apply to me specifically, from the job description, or I’ll make bullets about my experience and make sure it relates to the job requirements.

With the unemployment rates what they are today we have to do whatever we can to stand out.

What did you do today?


4 thoughts on “Write About THEM, Not You-Cover Letters

  1. Linda, I would also suggest talking about the company in your opening paragraph. Talk about something the CEO recently said that interested you or a recent succesful product launch. At the very least it will intrique the reader to continue to skim your cover letter.

    Got this advice from a workshop at my school.


  2. Hi Linda,
    I’ve been using bullets for years in cover letters. After the first short paragraph, I start a new paragraph with an entry sentence, and then bullet the skills that I have that are specifically in the job ad. I only bullet skills that are very targeted to the job ad to catch their attention. They stand out a lot more clearly than if they are in a paragraph.
    Then I put a few more details in the next paragraph, of course. Best wishes and thank you for sharing your blog with all of us! Lisa

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