Databases vs. People – The Importance of Keywords

I have written a lot about key words and their importance.  We have all heard about recruiters and job search databases, we may have even griped about not hearing back from the jobs we applied to.  Well, as we all may know, the large number of applicants versus the small number of hiring managers and HR personnel just doesn’t add up.  So what happens?  Databases get implemented and this is where keywords get implemented.

“Today, the gatekeeper is not a person. It is a computer database. Recruiters and hiring managers use computer databases to manage the astronomical number of resumes that are submitted to them daily. Most people understand that the big job boards such as and others are database-driven but sometimes people unfamiliar with the intricacies of modern job search assume they avoid the database if they email the resume as an attachment. “I didn’t upload it – I emailed it to the recruiter” is a common comment.”

Databases are told what to look for, in terms of keywords, and they then scan your resume for these keywords.  Even if you send a resume to a recruiter, he or she is stil going to run your resume through a database.

“What…job seekers do not realize is that everyone uses a database to manage resumes, including recruiters. Most of the time, when a resume is sent to a recruiter, the resume is loaded into the database before the recruiter even sees it. Recruiters prize their databases as valuable depositories of potential candidates.”

However, don’t overlook networking.  Just because databases may be used, it’s still worth it to send your resume to numerous agencies, recruiters and connections.  The more people/databases look at your resume the better!

“…the use of databases has made job search much more of a numbers game. Job search success is still to some degree a matter of ‘who you know’ but it is also a matter of ‘how many contacts’ you have. That means getting the resume to as many potential companies, recruiters, and hiring managers as possible. Sending the resume to a couple of recruiters will not realize good responses.”

So fine tune your key words and if you need some help, take a look at mine in my About Me section.

What did you do today?

P.S. I pulled the quotes and inspiration for today’s blog post from an article titled, Gatekeepers Replaced by Databases by Alesia Beneditct who write for

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