Job Seekers Make Mistakes

I apologize for the lack of posts this week but, early mornings and long hours at my part time job, as well as a new InDesign class kept me away from blogging.

I have come across an article, in pictures, that shares what mistakes we as job seekers make.  I thought these were some great things to look out for and not over look.  As the blurb prior to the 13 top mistakes states, “A recent study surveyed 233 unemployed people daily for three weeks to find out their emotions, the time they dedicated to their job search and the level of confidence they felt about finding an acceptable job. The results revealed many mistakes job seekers often make. Here are 13 of the most surprising ones.”

1. “Take too many breaks from the search process, particularly after progress is made.”  It’s very true.  We get excited about a good interview and then hope that it works out.  However, after the numerous rejections we’ve gone through we should know better.  Nothing is set in stone until you get that offer, until then the interview is just another thing you did that day.

2. “Don’t dedicate enough time to the process. Almost 44% of job seekers spend less than three hours per day looking for a new position.”  Very true.  That is why my personal goal is something that CAN be achieved, 10 jobs a week.

3. “Let their emotions and frustration get the best of them.”  Also very true…

4. “Put all their eggs in one basket.”  I’ve learned that no matter how good an interview goes, I can’t hope for anything.  I just plug away and keep applying to more jobs.

5. “Fail to bounce back from a day without progress.”  There will always be bad days and yes, sometimes a week goes by and I haven’t met my 10 jobs a week goal.  But, I get back at it the next week and see if I can maybe make up for the previous week.

6. “Get distracted by errands, household tasks and child care, leaving too little time for the job search.” Again a good point.  I often times feel that on my days off I need to make the most of my time so I have to divide the day up into numerous blocks; gym time, breakfast time, job search time, preparing food time, errands, cleaning the house, etc. I just need to keep myself busy because otherwise I just don’t feel like I’m pulling my weight.  If I can’t bring in the income then I should at least run the house.

7. “Fail to get help reviewing their resume.” I was lucky enough that after being laid off I was given an opportunity to get my resume reviewed professionally and since then have been tweaking it on my own.  I was also very lucky to get in touch with a recruiter who prior to bringing me in for an interview gave me some great tips on my resume which I feel will help me in the long run.

8. “Fail to diversify their job search.  Some rely solely on online job postings; others depend only on networking.” That’s why sites like LinkedIn are such a great tool.  You can do both of the above all at the same time!

9. “Fail to tailor their resume with relevant key words for each individual job application.”  I can’t say that I tailor my resume each time, I do tailor my cover letter…perhaps this is something I should implement myself.

10. “Jump into a search with expectations that are either too specific or too broad.”

11. “Become isolated from friends and family because they spend too much time searching for jobs.”  True.  I look back at this summer and wish I would have gone to the beach more…but I didn’t want to pay for the parking fees.  I’m also sure that I’ll look back on this upcoming winter, as I did last year, and wish I would have gone skiing more…but then remember that skiing means spending at least $80 just for the lift ticket.  I’ll just have to buck up and sign up for some cheaper ski trips with BSSC.

12. “Forget to build in occasional breaks for personal or social activities.” See above.  There were days where I planned to go to the beach but the day before I would find out that I didn’t get a job I interviewed for, so instead of taking a break I would spend the afternoon looking for more work…and that was my whole summer.  We all have to remember to take more breaks!

13. “Jump into the process without having any knowledge of effective ways to conduct a job search.”  Don’t forget about my tips for getting job search ready and rebuilding your brand!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget, this weekend it’s the Head of the Charles!

What did you do today?

P.S. Check out the full slides for the above tips.

P.P.S. Check out my updates in About Me.

2 thoughts on “Job Seekers Make Mistakes

  1. man liekas viena no lietam, ir atbraucot uz interviju, pirms tu izkaap no mashinas, nomierinies, put a good fase un pasaki 5 reizes I am the best!
    You wull never find anybody better than me!
    Iedomaties ka tu to dari for fun, ka filma.
    Intervija ir game un theater .

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