Does Your Boss REALLY Know How Much You Do?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought this thought…can my boss do my job?  Well, our questions may be answered, just flip to Undercover Boss on Sunday Nights at 9pm and you’ll see that most CEO’s are not able to do the work that makes a company tick. Whether it’s being a flight attendant for a national airline, a lifeguard for a regional resort or a chamber maid for a national hotel, the big wigs just can’t cut it.  However, this past weekend’s episode really showed it best when the CEO of Frontier airlines, who lives in a mansion with a giant backyard and two fountains, talks about the struggles the company has gone through and hence has cut people’s pay by 10%…

What does this show us?  We have to keep climbing up, or in some cases, do what we do but do it better than someone else.  The people who make a business run on a daily basis are not the ones who prosper, most of the time.  We may work 10 hour days, put in weekends, sleep with our blackberries glued to our ears but all of it won’t help when it comes to layoffs.  So instead, I encourage everyone to become more visible in their company.

1. Talk to everyone, even the CEO.

2. Ask for projects that have higher visibility and then deliver on a promise to complete the project.

3. Always ask for feedback and ask about what you can do better.

4. Plan out your day wisely.  Sure, phone calls and people may interrupt you, but make sure you get done what you set out to do.  I’d suggest to low ball your task list, that way if you get more done then you’re that much further along and feeling more positive rather than thinking about the 10 things you didn’t accomplish.

5. Never burn bridges!  If I have learned anything at all it’s that you never know who you might meet and whose help you may need to rely on.  As you plan out your career, make sure to pay it forward and then back to those who have ever helped you.

For those of us who are unemployed, we have to become more visible in our networks and on our resumes.  How?  Here are my tips:

1. Reach out to new people on LinkedIn.

2. Expand your skills by taking online classes!

3. Always ask for feedback after interviews.

4. Taylor your resume and cover letter TO the job you are applying to.

5. Keep in touch with your references.  Don’t just call them up when you need them. You hate it when others only call you for a favor, how do you think your references feel if you do the same thing?

Good luck to all of us!

What did you do today?

P.S. Today’s entry idea came from the following article, Undercover Boss: Could Your Boss Do Your Job?

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