Avoiding Interview Mistakes

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Today I wanted to look at a few more interview mistakes.  Although the article I will be referencing is riddled with spelling mistakes I think it has some good advice.  We’ve all had an experience of a question be thrown at us which we may not know how to answer.  I’ve at times answered questions and then thought, man…what if I would have said that I’d like to get back to it later after I thought about it a little more?  Is that ok?  Well, Eve Nicholas writes that you should simply be prepared for anything.

Here is her take on how to avoid the worst interview mistakes.

1. Poor presentation or communication: “There is simply no excuse for lateness or improper attire in professional job interviews. Similarly, off-topic chatter about your life history, family or political views will likely distract from an important discussion about your qualifications. Stay on point.”

2. Lack of insight about the company: “In order to plow through the small talk and engage in a more pertinent conversation, you must understand the company’s vision and specialized products or services. Perform in-depth research in advance.”

3. Flustered by interview questions: “Be ready for standard interview questions, like “Why should we hire you?” and “What is your greatest weakness?” Also, prepare for tougher inquiries by brushing up on your career accomplishments so you can present examples of how much money you have generated or saved for former employers.”

4. Not asking career savvy questions: “Most employers take a moment at the end of each interview to ask if you have questions about the position or company. In response, many job hunters shrug their shoulders and ask about salary and benefits. Don’t make this mistake! Ask about the boss’s expectations. Ask about the challenges faced by the last person who served in this position. If you care about the company (and your career), you can ask almost anything.”

5. Missing the connection: “Don’t waste the interview by reciting your resume or rattling off a list of achievements that do not relate to the position. Impress the hiring manager by saying something useful about yourself that will affect the business.”

Don’t let these mistakes be your downfall!

What did you do today?

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