Cover Letters, Does Anyone Read Them?

During our monthly Girls Night Out night we came across the topic of cover letters when one of the girls asked me what I blogged about that day.  We went on to discuss resume writing and key words.  But we came back to wondering, does anyone really read cover letters?  When I offered my advice of looking at a job description and then putting the words from the description into my cover letter so it gets picked up my keyword readers a friend shared something I had never considered.

She said that she writes ABOUT the company and not about herself.  When a recruiter or hiring managers sees you are writing about them they’ll at least wonder “well what does she know about us?” and keep reading!

What do you think of this advice?

What did you do today?

8 thoughts on “Cover Letters, Does Anyone Read Them?

  1. I’m the “friend” who commented on writing ABOUT the company. When job searching, we usually visit the company’s web site after we see the job posting. In a recent cover letter (for a contract that I landed!) I included the following in my intro: “I was attracted to your job posting because I think you have a strong value proposition, in that [your product] is more durable, costs 47% less and is environmentally friendly, and I am confident that I can positively contribute to your growth goals.”

  2. She made a great point, because the best cover letters actually blend the information about the company with information about the candidate. I have seen this work well for the candidate on several occasions.

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